From above of assorted traditional Japanese sushi rolls with fish served on trays and plate on wooden table with soy sauce
Take-Home Freshest food from our kitchen to your table

Two friends with great pride and shared passion for Korean cuisine bravely ventured out and created ‘Bop and Roll’ with a “simple” but lofty concept to offer “fresh, nutritious, and delicious Korean food offered in the added convenience of a take-out format”, both keeping up with times each with busy, fast-paced lives of a modern family.

We took our time and care in creating the menu; each dish was thoughtfully chosen, creatively edited without sacrificing any of the visual attraction, and the texture and flavor unique only to B+R Korean dishes.
Keeping true to our core belief that ‘great food must first start with the freshest ingredient and we shop our vegetable daily and even hand-picking best out of the bunch.

All our foods are freshly prepped each morning, and always ‘cook to order only, ensuring the dishes are hot, fresh, and full of flavor.